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Alexander Hill Baptist Church
      Along with two other local organizations, HBI is helping to preserve and restore this unique piece of  African American history. AHBC was built in the 1860s after the Civil War ended . Before that time slaves were not allowed a building in which to worship so they constructed a brush arbor with a preacher's mound. The mound and brush arbor are there on the property. Brush Arbor services have been held in the past and are in the plans for the future events. The trustees have acquired 2 additional acres of land to have parking and possibly a well and septic.  Our goal is to restore the building and preserve it for generations to come. The trustees want to make the building safe enough to be used as a place of worship again. Along with services on Sundays we want the building and grounds to be open to the public for educational tours on Saturdays. 


Hatton Ferry
    Along  with County of Buckingham , HBI works to keep up the "last poled ferry in the United States" which connects Albemarle and Buckingham counties. This is an important story of travel in the 19th century . Hatton was one of many ferries to cross the James River a hundred years ago, but is the only one still working. A new landing was constructed on the Buckingham side which to date has withstood quite a number of floods without damage. The ferry is open mid April to mid October if the weather and the river are both good. Check on the Hatton Ferry FACEBOOK site before going for a ride. 

Alexander Hill is listed on The National            Register of Historic Places